Other, The Other & Another..


the use of the word other is often a cause of confusion for foreign students.

Other is an adjective meaning ‘different’ and is used as follows :

– This car park is closed but the other car park is open.
– Some children learn quickly but other children need more time.

Study the following formulas.

With Count Nouns                                         With Non-Count Nouns

An + other + singular noun (one more) 

Another pencil – one more pencil

The other + singular noun (last of the set)

The other pencil – the last pencil present

Other + plural noun (more of the set)

Other pencils – some more pencils

The other + plural noun (the rest of the set)

The other pencils – all remaining pencils.





Other + non-count nouns (more of the set)

Other water – some more water

The other + non-count noun (all the rest)

The other water – the remaining water

Note : Another and other are nonspecific while the other is specific. If the subject is understood, one can omit the noun and keep the determiner and other so that other functions as pronoun. If it is a plural count noun that is omitted, other becomes others. The word other can NEVER be plural if it is followed by a noun.

Other can also be used as a pronoun to refer to things or people.

– 80% of the students arrive on time.
– The others ( = the other students) are always late.

Another expresses quantity, something extra or additional.

– There are 6 people for dinner but there are only 5 plates.
We need another plate.

Another is different from the other:

another refers indefinitely to any further member of a series of indeterminate extent.

the other points to the remaining determinate member of a known series of two or more.

Examples :

  • I don’t want this book. Please give me another

(Another = any other book-not specific)

  • I don’t want this book. Please give me the other.

(the other = the other book-specific)

  • This chemical is Poisonous. Others are poisonous too.

(other = other chemicals-not specific)

  • I don’t want these books. Please give me the others.

(the others = the other books-specific)

Note : Another way of substituting for the noun is to use other + one or ones.

  • I don’t want this book. Please give me another one.
  • I don’t want this book. Please give me the other one.
  • This chemical is Poisonous. Others ones are poisonous too.
  • I don’t want these books. Please give me other ones.

Exercises : Other

Fill the blanks with the apporiate form of other.

  • This pen isn’t working. Please give me________.(singular)

Answer : another

  • If you’re still thirsty. I’ll make________pot of coffe.

Answer : another

  • This dictionary has a page missing. Please give me_________.(the last one)

Answer : the other

  • He does not need those books. He needs___________.(all the remaining)

Answer : the others

  • There are thirty people in the room. Twenty are from Latin America and_______are from________countries.

Answer : the other, other

  • Six People were in the store. Two were buying meat.________was looking at magazines.__________was eating a candy bar.__________were walking around looking for more food. (notice the verbs)

Answer : another, another, the other

  • This glass of milk is sour.________glass of milk is sour too.

Answer : another

  • The army was practicing its drills. One group was doing artillery practice.________was marching;___________was at attention; and__________was practicing combat tactics.

Answer : another, another, the other

  • There are seven students from Japan.________are from Iran, and__________are from_______places.

Answer : the others, others, other

  • We looked at four cars today. The first two were far too expensive, but_________ones were reasonably priced.

Answer : the other

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practice about other, the other, & another :

1. http://www.english-test.net/esl/learn/english/grammar/ei074/esl-test.php

2. http://www.learnenglishfeelgood.com/lefg1_otheranother2.html

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